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25 May 2024


No, it is not. The conference is available only for registered participants who will get a username and passwords by online registration and paying the registration fee. Other users can not enter the online conference.

No, the conference fee is for one registration with one article. It does not matter if the article has one or more authors. Only one Composite Book will be sent to the registered participants.

If you and your colleges (other authors) want to get more Composite Books, every single author has to register and the conference fee. (Composite Book will be sent only to address of the registered participant.)

No, there are no age limits. The Committee members do not restrict the participants by setting any upper age limit. There are also no academic limits for participating. Any individual representing the university (academic) sphere or any individual with professional experiences can participate in the conference.

Yes, they will. When the conference is over, all participants get not only the composite book but conference invoice also. A composite book could be sent on a printed or CD version (depends on the final number of participants).

Each participant will get only one copy of the composite book. If there are extra free versions of composite books after the conference, you can ask us for it. Our partner could also reissue composite books, but this step needs to be paid. The price depends on the total number of requested books.

Every single conference has its support teams consist of Guarantors (pedagogues, experts, company representatives etc.) and Program Committee. A full list of support team members is available on the website of each conference.

Scopus is a multidisciplinary citation database of professional literature, which is a source of quality information and data for scientists, academics, and librarians. The inclusion of proceedings in this database is beneficial both for conference participants (contributors) as well as for other users (readers), as it leads to greater information interconnectivity between the authors and users of professional literature.

After a conference, the proceedings are submitted to the operator of the Scopus database, who decides on whether to include particular proceedings in the database. The approval process is completely independent of the conference organizer, who is unable to actively influence the decision in any way.

We cannot guarantee that proceedings will be included in the Scopus database. Inclusion depends on the future quality of texts and the final decision to include a text is always taken by Elsevier B.V. (the Scopus database operator). None of the conference organisers may intervene in this process, nor can they guarantee the eventual inclusion of a text in the proceedings. Naturally, we do everything we can to assure compliance with the indexing criteria.

Yes, you can. Electronic conferences are focused on an effective way of organizing any conference. ECONFERENCE Team will be glad if you ask us for cooperation. (Every application is analyzed.) Our conferences provide a place for the research result presentation, the possibility of getting active relations, mutual contact sharing, etc. We appreciate it if our teams have more members.

Premium Code is addressed only to those authors, who published scientific articles or were active with development projects. Premium Code can be used only once without linkage to a specific author. Premium Code is available by conference partners. The conference fee is lower by using the Code. (If you do not have the Code, please do not fill in a number in the application – the Code is not obligatory.)

Yes, every participant will get the confirmation of conference participation with all other documents (textbook, invoice etc.).