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25 May 2024


Participants have two options for a virtual presentation:

1) Virtual Live Presentation via Zoom Software*
If you choose this form of participation, the first thing required is the download of Zoom Software. Program is freeware available at the company official website after a basic registration/sign up:
Make sure that Zoom Software is installed on your computer and ready for a webinar streaming. Prior to the conference, every participant will receive an invitation letter with a subjected link. This webinar invitation link will then redirect you through Zoom to the virtual conference live session.
If you need advice on how to successfully install the software and prepare a virtual presentation for it, please feel free to contact us via
*Further information and instructions to be added.

2) Virtual Voice-Over Presentation
If you want to present your paper without attending the live stream of the virtual conference, you can use a Virtual Voice-Over Presentation.
Your work will be presented electronically using Microsoft PowerPoint with voice-over. If you need advice or more instructions on how to prepare your presentation, please feel free to contact us via
You can upload your E-session presentation in your registration form. The Edit link to the registration will be sent after its approval.